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The Most Powerful Autobots: ULTRA MAGNUS

Ultra Magnus is basically Prime-lite. He’s got the size, he transforms into a truck, he’s got the big, honkin’ one-handed cannon he totes around everywhere… but he lacks Prime’s ability to inspire troops into an army capable of fighting the most dangerous general ever invented. In certain timelines, this is because he’s constantly unsure of himself, questioning his actions while simultaneously demanding loyalty of his fellow Autobots. In the IDW timeline, it’s because he’s such an uptight guy it’s impossible to like him, let alone trust him.

Of course, the big deal in the IDW universe is Ultra Magnus is actually a small bot, Minimus Ambus, wearing massive armor. Turns out, Ultra Magnus was slain once in battle, but because someone believed he was a necessary figure on the battlefield, they created armor that resembled him and gave it to ‘bots known as “load bearers”, who could wear exoskeletons without a strain on their sparks. Minimus Ambus is the latest in a long line of these Ultra Magnii. This isn’t exactly a new idea either — in the old Dreamwave comics, the Ultra Magnus look was revealed to be a suit of armor as well, and underneath he looked exactly like a Optimus Prime, albeit painted white. Still, it’s hard to be at the top if you keep having to be replaced…’cause you keep dying. Fuente: CBR.com

The Strongest Transformers Combiners: PIRANACON

Formed from a sextant of aquatic-based Decepticons called the Seacons, Piranacon is an underutilized but all the same intimidating combiner in the Transformers franchise. Piranacon boasts the shared predator instincts of his components plus an impressive arsenal that includes shoulder canons, a mighty sword, and the ability for one of the Seacons to form a handheld blaster.

In Japan, instead of being six individual robots the Seacons are one singular leader in command of an army of identical clones. The Japanese Seacons can come together and form Piranacon’s equivalent King Poseidon. The biggest weakness of both iterations of Piranacons is their unpredictability, with both versions of the combiner ignoring orders after being distracted from their animalistic urges. Fuente: CBR.com

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