The Strongest Transformers Combiners: LIOKAISER

An elite group of Decepticon warriors and the personal strike force for Decepticon warlord Deathsaurus, the effective Destrons are at their most formidable when combined into the fearsome Liokaiser. A breakthrough of combiner technology Liokaiser has the savage strength of Abominus, calculating mind of Computron with none of the personality defects that affect other combiners.

A six part-combiner (in most continuities) with a proficiency for melee combat and the ability to turn invisible, Liokaiser is such a force to be reckoned with that his power even rivals his Emperor Deathsaurus. The perfect mix of cunning and brute force, Liokaiser makes even the Autobots’ heavy hitters tread carefully. Fuente:

LIOKAISER transformers combiner
rial racer transformers

The Strongest Transformers Combiners: RAIL RACER

Rail Racer is a combiner who has appeared in multiple Transformers continuities following his debut in Transformers RID (2001). Formed from the three members of the train-themed Team Bullet Train, Rail Racer is gargantuan thanks combining the mass’ of his three sizeable components. Rail Racer dominates his adversaries with impressive attacks such as the fusion laser rifle blast and super turbo punch.

The second incarnation of Rail Racer was a lesser-known toy exclusive character under the Transformers Universe branding. The TF Universe Rail Racer was a noticeably smaller mini-bot combiner who was composed of six tiny robots instead of three large ones. Regardless of his components, Rail Racer’s high-speed barrages unquestionably make him the choo-choo that could.


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