¿Who invented the transformers?

Transformers is a brand created by Hasbro and Takara Tomy, from which we can currently find toys, action figures, clothing, home appliances, comics, video games and movies, just to name a few. Initially, Hasbro bought the distribution rights from Takara Tomy for the Diaclone and Microman toy lines, but after getting a huge acceptance and success, they acquired all legal author rights of the Transformers for America and Europe. The transformers storyline is based on a robotic species from planet Cybertron. This species is divided into two factions: Autobots and Decepticons, who lived in harmony until the Decepticons decided to reveal to show their superiority, not only in their own planet, but throughout the whole universe. This fact marked the beginning of a battle called “The Transformers War” which would last millions of years, resulting in the destruction of their home planet.

¿who are the autobots?

Autobots are the group of Transformers dedicated to fight for freedom and justice, not only for their own species, but also for those who are threatened by the Decepticons. Autobots’s main feature is to transform into regular vehicles (not violent) such as trucks, sport cars, rescue cars, etc. But as years have gone by, that has been changing due to the circumstances (the constant war they’ve had against Decepticons), and have made them evolve in many aspects, for example in the Transformers 2 movie we see a Jetfire turn into an old militar Blackbird plane, though this model is not made for combat but for clandestine observance, it’s still a military plane.

The Autobots symbol, it’s recognized by everyone, it’s the face of the last Autobot that Primus (the God of the Transformers) left to be the leader of the species in the best terms possible, the chosen one.

Optimus Prime
Megatron Lider Decepticon

¿who are the decepticons?

Decepticons are the other faction of the Cybertron planet’s habitants. They are filled with anger and prepotency, that consider themselves superior to every other species. At the beginning of times, Decepticons were the military unit of planet Cybertron, dedicated to guard their security, but as usual, the hunger for power took over these Transformers and made them start a war for total control of the planet. Leaded by fearsome Megatron, who’s only wish is to govern all universe, and the only thing that prevents him from doing that is Optimus Prime. All Decepticons have red eyes, but the Autobots have blue eyes. That’s a fun fact to know in case you cross paths with a Transformer and want to know if they are on your side or not. Megatron considers Autobots as decadent, and humans as a plague, and he will do everything that’s necessary to achieve his goal.

¿how the transformers appeared in the galaxy?

There are actually many versions of how the transformers were created, so we will refer to the version of Generation 1, and it says:

Millions of years ago there were different types of life in the galaxy, and among them, there were species that dominated over others, some using force, and others using their intellect. An alien race called The Quintessons, were creators of the first transformers to be their servants, as well as the planet Cybertron to collect Energon for them. The Quintessons trained and fed Energon to their servants, and once they were ready for battle, they sent them to different planets to conquer other species, in order to become the superior race of the Universe. The Cybertronians were given the ability to copy the living form of those species that were conquering but over time, the veteran warriors acquired the ability to transform themselves into enemy vehicles, this produced a rebellion on the part of the Trasnformers to demand their freedom.

Cybertron Planet
beast war

Transformers are not only vehicles, they can also be animals

The Beast War Transformers series followed the 90s Transformers legacy. It was one of the first 3D series aired on TV. It was produced by a Canadian company called Mainframe Entertainment. The plot of this series goes on while a Maximal (Autobots) ship, crashes on the earth after a time jump while fighting against Predacons (Decepticons). When doing this time-space jump, they get stucked in the prehistoric age.

Finding themselves in this new planet, they find out that it’s filled with Energon, which emits radiation capable of damaging their circuits, and because of that, they’re forced to emulate the inhabitants living forms, as their Transformer mode. On the other side, the Predacons, leaded by Megatron, want to use this mineral to reactivate the famous Great War. Knowing this, Maximals will do everything to prevent it, starting this way “The Beast Wars”.


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