The Most Powerful Autobots : BUMBLEBEE

As one of Optimus Prime’s oldest subordinates, one thing we can say about Bumblebee is that he’s loyal. Long before the Decepticon war ripped apart Cybertron, Bumblebee worked as a courier, until he was dragged into the conflict at its earliest stages when a Decepticon transmission tricked him into delivering a package to a factory that turned out to be a bomb. Enraged the Decepticons literally forced him into doing something despite their claims of being for the people, Bumblebee took up with Optimus Prime’s group from then on.

After that, he worked alongside Optimus Prime for years, even becoming the leader of the Autobots multiple times when Prime was sidelined or captured.

He even became part of the council to watch over Cybertron once the war ended and both sides realized the planet was inhabitable once more. Bumblebee is considered one of the most trustworthy and likeable members of the entire Autobot army, which is why he’s often given such key leadership positions. Unfortunately, the counter to that is he’s sometimes too nice — when Optimus found himself in prison and Bumblebee was left in charge, his unwillingness to take charge and do what was necessary caused the Autobot army to split into multiple factions each with their own intentions. Aside from that, Bumblebee’s small stature doesn’t lend itself to incredible feats on the battlefield. Popular and charismatic he is, but powerful he simply isn’t. Fuente:

bumblebee transformers

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