The Strongest Transformers Combiners: ABOMINUS

Barbaric, vicious, and savage the Decepticon combiner Abominus is the rival to Computron who is as feral as his nemesis is wise. The vibrant amalgamation horror is formed by the beastial Terrorcon faction which is numbered by the likes of the slobbish Blot and gluttonous leader Hun-Gurr among others.

Along with the Predacons who form Predaking, Abominus was one of the Decepticon’s main combiners in season 3 of the Generation 1 cartoon. Abominus made things difficult for Rodimus Prime’s Autobots thanks to his raw strength and deadly sonic concussion blaster. Plus he has dragon heads for knees, which everyone knows is horrifying. Awesome to be sure, but horrifying.

abominus transformers
defensor Transformers

The Strongest Transformers Combiners: DEFENSOR

Formed by the security and rescue oriented Protectobots, Defensor’s goals are is a bit different than the other combiners in the franchise. Though Defensor certainly has capabilities that make him formidable in battle, the personalities and ethos of his components make him more concerned with protecting civilians while causing as little collateral damage as possible.

Though Defensor does see himself more as a guardian than an offensive combiner he is quite capable, able to use an array of weaponry and has a more synchronized mind then some of his gestalt friends and enemies. Defensor’s biggest weakness is his desire to protect innocents which is so compelling it causes him to often disregard his own safety in exchange for the safety of others. Fuente:


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