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The Most Powerful Autobots: JAZZ

As a member of Optimus Prime’s inner circle, Jazz has been fighting the Decepticons since the very beginning. He started out working with security services, but when the civil war broke out he was one of the first to fight off the Decepticons. And unlike many other characters on this list who only took to fighting because the whole planet was falling apart as a result of their civil war and not choosing a side simply wasn’t an option, Jazz is actually a great fighter.

Specifically, as a member of a rescue team assigned to recover some recently attacked ‘bots, Jazz went up against one of the most dangerous squadrons in the Decepticons, known as the Predacons. After seeing his own team brutally killed by the Predacons, Jazz managed to drag the only survivor of the Autobots he was meant to rescue — Tracks — to safety, and then faced off against all five of the Predacons. Through tricks, weapons, and good old hand to hand combat, he singlehandedly beat down several of them, and held down the leader until he could get reinforcements. After that, Jazz spent quite a bit of time working special ops missions for the Autobots, so he’s not afraid to get his hands dirty.

The Most Powerful Decepticons: TARN

Within every army there are divisions and subdivisions, and Tarn is by far apart of the deadliest subdivision in the Decepticon Army: The Decepticon Justice Division. Formed specifically to hunt down traitors to the Decepticon cause, they specialize in making an example out of anyone they capture, keeping the other ‘Cons in line through the methods they’re rumored to use. The group is always small, but with frightening abilities that make them threatening to face alone, and impossible to defeat in a group.

Each is named after the one of the first five cities to fall on Cybertron during the war, and Tarn is the group’s leader. He takes advantage of a special voice modulator to make any enemy who hears his voice become frozen, eventually forcing their spark to shut down through the words and music he sings.


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