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The Most Powerful Autobots: JETFIRE

Jetfire is that he always starts out having joined or nearly joined the side of the Decepticons. In the G1 cartoons it was because he woke up after the war started and joined the same side as his friend Starscream. In the IDW comics it’s because he wanted to be a scientist but the Cybertronian government would have had him using his flight-based alt mode for defense or transportation. Believing Cybertronians should be allowed to follow their own desires rather than spend their lives working for someone else’s purpose, he even went far enough as to attack Optimus (back when he was Orion Pax) before being brought along on a case and learning the truth about the duplicitous nature of the Decepticons.

As one of the few flyers in the Autobot army, Jetfire is an invaluable combatant and still one of the smartest soldiers Optimus has working for him. His intelligence helped him to bring down Thunderwing after Bludgeon revived him, keeping Cybertron from being consumed by the Decepticon that had already destroyed their homeworld once. Jetfire has also been a leader of his fellow Autobots from time to time because of the trust he’s fostered with Prime. Fuente:

The Most Powerful Decepticons: SCORPONOK

The original Scorponok is terrifying enough, to be honest. The Decepticon was built from scratch by the alien Zarak from the planet Nebulos, bonded to that alien and used as a means for him to join with the Decepticons. There, Zarak (as Scorponok) would become one of the highest ranking members of the Decepticons, and with good reason: he could transform into both a city, and a scorpion, the video game boss of animals.

In the current comics, Scorponok lacks the ability to turn into a city, but he’s no less deadly. One of the many fighters who met Megatron when he was fighting as a gladiator, Scorponok gladly rallied to the Decepticon cause. But not because he believed in anything Megatron cared about, but rather because he wanted to destroy the weak, and the Civil War Megatron created gave him the opportunity to do exactly that. Fuente:


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