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The Most Powerful Autobots: RODIMUS PRIME

Idealistic (and egotistical) to a fault, Rodimus started out completely unaffiliated at the beginning of the war. Turned off by Zeta Prime’s twisted and authoritarian way of ruling and the Decepticon’s terrorist behavior, he avoided both sides and spent time as part of a third faction until convincing Optimus to finally turn against Zeta. Over the years as the conflict between Decepticon and Autobot blazed into a full-grown war, Rodimus was forced again and again to witness what violence did to his fellow ‘bots and what it took to lead people through it.

Still, his tendency towards rash action combined with his desire to make a greater impact on society has lead to him dragging his own troops into several dicey situations. Still, Rodimus has done something that few other ‘bots on this list can even imagine: after the Matrix of Leadership was stolen by the Decepticons, he went on a quest to get it back, and even became its shepherd for a time until he could return it to Optimus Prime. And while his mission wasn’t executed perfectly, in doing so he was still able to garner respect from Optimus and earn the right to change his name from Hot Rod to Rodimus. Fuente:

The Most Powerful Decepticons: GALVATRON

During the opening battle of Transformers: The Movie, both Autobot and Decepticon sides suffer heavy losses — including the deaths of their respective leaders, Optimus Prime and Megatron. But while Optimus was allowed to rest for a while longer, Megatron wound up in the clutches of Unicron, planet consumer. Granting Megatron a second chance, he transformed the Decepticon leader into a new warrior, more powerful than ever, who then returned to lead the Decepticons into battle time and again.

In the most recent comic, Galvatron is actually even older than Megatron, existing near the dawn of the creation of Cybertronians, and was a powerful gladiator who joined with The Fallen to rise up against the Primes. In either version, he’s one of the single most dangerous foes the Autobots are ever forced to go against, boasting a massive laser cannon that only Megatron could ever hope to rival in power. Fuente:


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Being honest, there are many places where you can buy articles from the Transformers Universe, starting with Hasbro, owner of the famous franchise, as well as Takara Tomy (for Asian countries), or just any department store you can find in your city. But, after further investigation and web surfing for hours, we couldn’t find an exclusive Transformers store, that offers other products, besides the well known action figures.

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