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The Most Powerful Autobots: Windblade

Windblade is one of the newest creations and additions to the Transformers universe, and placing her here is slightly cheating as well, as she isn’t technically an Autobot. No, unlike nearly every other Autobot on this list, Windblade was born on the planet Caminus, one of a few worlds colonized by Cybertron prior to their second civil war when they were on an expansionist kick. On Caminus, Transformers generally knew peace and weren’t troubled with matters of war…until they made their return to Cybertron. When the Camiens were called back to Cybertron in the hopes of reconnecting with their homeworld, one of several Camien delegates transported to Cybertron was Windblade.

The Most Powerful Decepticons: ShockWave

Shockwave is by far the single most dangerous scientist on Cybertron. Already not hindered by the laws and morals of decent ‘bots, Shockwave’s high placement in the Decepticon army means he has the backing of Megatron as well. But much like Starscream and Scorpnok, that doesn’t make him loyal by any means.

But the real danger to Shockwave is his single-mindedness.

His oldest project took millions of years to reach fruition, as he picked out several different planets and seeded them with Energon that he could harvest later. Each planet boasted Energon with different attributes, and he eventually attempted to combine them all in order to cause all of reality to collapse into a singularity that would power Cybertron for an eternity. Between his cold, hard logic and willingness to do anything in order to succeed, Shockwave is one of the toughest ‘Cons to defeat.

shockwave Decepticons Transformers

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¿Where Can I Buy Transformers products?

Being honest, there are many places where you can buy articles from the Transformers Universe, starting with Hasbro, owner of the famous franchise, as well as Takara Tomy (for Asian countries), or just any department store you can find in your city. But, after further investigation and web surfing for hours, we couldn’t find an exclusive Transformers store, that offers other products, besides the well known action figures.

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