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The Most Powerful Autobots: SUPERION

No list like this could ever be complete without having at least one Combiner robot on it, and the greatest Autobot combiner is easily Superion of the Aerialbots. The biggest flaw all combiners have is the difficulty involved in forcing five (or more) separate minds to work together as one — more often than not you wind up with cases like Computron who’s too smart for his own good, or Abominus who is far too bestial in nature. Superion is one of the few combiners who is able to unite all the different minds within him to work together for one purpose.

In the IDW universe, the Aerialbots were initially just a group of Autobots who had worked together for a long time. But after being dissatisfied with Bumblebee’s leadership after the war, they traversed out of the city and wound up getting attacked by Megatron, who experimented on them and gave them the ability to form into Superion. Eventually breaking free of Megatron’s control, they retained the ability to form into a Combiner, and have made themselves useful to the Autobots on more than one occasion. Still, while Superion is always useful, he’s also always getting hit with some major injury that makes him impossible to be used as a decisive part of an Autobot strategy. Once he even let his guard down around Devastator and wound up torn in half!. Fuente: CBR.com

The Most Powerful Decepticons: PREDAKING

Predaking is the only combiner on this list. Not because combiners are weak, but typically the mere process of combining creates massive flaws for the fusion in question. Combining five minds into one often renders them dumb (like Abominus) or trapped between too many separate thought processes (like Computron), or even needlessly arrogant (like Superion). It’s such a flaw that it’s hard to say most of them deserve a spot on this list…save one.

Predaking combines the five Predacons: Razorclaw, Tantrum, Rampage, Headstrong, and Divebomb into a single ‘Con…that manages to still pose an incredible threat. They all have a shared love for hunting down Autobots, and that love creates a single-minded persona that’s capable of utilizing all of their strengths without drawbacks. They’re like the Power Rangers’ Megazord if it could think…and worked for the bad guys. Fuente: CBR.com

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