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The Most Powerful Autobots: IRONHIDE

Another of the earliest of Prime’s soldiers, Ironhide began as a member of the Cybertronian Civil Militia until he eventually joined the security services. As such, Ironhide was one of the first ‘bots to run into the Decepticon resistance before it turned into an all-out civil war. He was also a part of the security services when they were reorganized into the Autobots in order to fight against the ‘Cons, and he worked under Optimus Prime back when he was still going by Orion Pax. He started out not respecting Prime, but when Optimus proved willing to listen to the more experienced soldier, they eventually became much closer.

Of all of Prime’s earliest soldiers, Ironhide is the one most equipped for battling ‘Cons. Not in strategy, but when it comes to a combination of raw power and willingness to get his hands dirty, few can surpass Ironhide. He was there alongside Optimus when they battled the gigantic Trypticon, and he played as much a part in teaching Optimus how to be a warrior as much as Kup did in teaching him how to be a leader. He’s even nearly gotten himself killed protecting Optimus, something which proves how much he believes in the Autobot leader now. And the fact that he’s still alive proves just how stubborn he is when it comes to anything battle-related. Fuente:

The Most Powerful Decepticons: BLUDGEON

In the original Generation 1 timeline, Bludgeon was a Cybertronian that had learned the ancient art of Metallikato, a Cybertron martial arts that specializes in blade usage. This fit with the ‘Con’s overall appearance as a ghoulish looking samurai, along with his rigid code of honor and religious beliefs. In the IDW timeline however, they go in a completely different direction. In the comics, Bludgeon’s dogmatic behavior remains.

But instead of being a mere samurai-like character, he becomes a mad scientist!

Obsessed with the destruction of Cybertron, Bludgeon commits countless atrocities in the name of restoring his home to its former glory, allying himself with other evil scientists just to get closer to his goal. His power is nothing to sneeze at either, as he’s constantly altered himself for the sake of his goal. Fuente:

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