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The Most Powerful Autobots: PROWL

The strategist of the Autobot army. As one might expect of the Autobot who’s alt mode was a police car, Prowl began his life on Cybertron as a part of the Forensics Division. Prior to the war, Prowl had little to no combat experience, and was nearly killed chasing down a murderer when he was saved by Orion Pax, the ‘bot that would eventually become Optimus Prime. Like many Autobots who were around prior to the start of the war, Prowl was a part of Cybertron’s security services, and the increasingly violent actions of the Decepticons made him more devoted to the Autobot cause.

However, that doesn’t mean Prowl never had problems with his faithful leader’s orders.

Prowl’s biggest problem with literally every Autobot he ever met was he was almost too devoted to the cause, and obsessed with the most pragmatic options of finally bringing the war to a close and restoring order to Cybertron. To that end, Prowl’s had no problem resorting to whatever tricks necessary, such as making alliances with mad scientists in order to gain extra weaponry his fearless leader would never have approved of. Plus, he can combine with the Constructicons and lead them as Devastator — which a part of going that extra step most Autobots would never even dream of. Fuente: CBR

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The Most Powerful Decepticons: STARSCREAM

The second in command of the Decepticon Army after Megatron himself, Starscream has always been known more for treachery than anything else. In many timelines, the character starts out as a silver-tongued politician, taking advantage of his position to enjoy the finer things in life. He’s equally eager to join the Decepticon cause though, as nothing offers as much power as military rule.

Unfortunately, he’s always stuck as Megatron’s second, because he could never take the position away in a trial by combat. Arguably, Megatron never made him second in command because of his strength in battle, but rather because it keeps the Decepticon Leader on his toes, reminding him that his power could be snatched away in a moment if he’s ever lazy. Still, don’t mistake his excessive greed and guile for lack of proper strength. As the leader of the Seekers, Starscream owns the skies. Fuente:


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