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The Most Powerful Autobots: KUP

No matter the timeline, Kup is one of the toughest Autobots around… and also one of the oldest. Fortunately for him, it’s usually easy enough to keep his parts upgraded, so he gets all of the rewards of having thousands of years of experience behind him and none of the drawbacks. Having fought through the original civil war on Cybertron, Kup is one of the few ‘bots old enough to have actually seen what the peace in between wars looked like. He spent his time during Cybertron’s Golden Age as a soldier in the Primal Vanguard, a peacekeeping force that handled matters off-world. Not long after that, Kup retired and began to train younger Cybertronians, teaching many who would eventually become high-ranking members of the Autobot army — Prowl, Springer, and even Optimus Prime.

Above all else, Kup is a survivor.

He survived crash-landing on a planet and being driven insane by radiation. He survived being a part of the Wreckers, the most dangerous crew in the Autobot army aside from the Dynobots. He’s also survived Earth, where he was turned into a zombie, eventually saw the Decepticons win the war, and even forced to work alongside those insane beings known as mankind. Fuente:

The Most Powerful Decepticons: CYCLONUS

During Transformers: The Movie, several different Decepticons were reborn as completely new Cybertronian beings, and boasted unique powers different from their older ones. The former Seeker Skywarp was transformed into Cyclonus, and would go on to become one of Galvatron’s first and most loyal followers, taking the place of Starscream after Megatron finally tires of his treachery.

Cyclonus is something like Astrotrain, in that he’s frequently used in his alt mode — a massive spaceship that Galvatron and the others can fly in, but the Decepticon is still a threat outside it. He backs his loyalty with strength, and in the later series eventually becomes one of the Decepticons tapped to become one of their side’s Targetmasters — granted a weapon with its own intelligence and robotic alt-form. Fuente:

cyclonus transformers

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