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The Most Powerful Autobots: FORTRESS MAXIMUS

Fortress Maximus’ level of power tends to depend on the universe he’s in. In several universes — like the original cartoon and the 2007 Transformers Animated cartoon series, Fort Max is one of a handful of city-bots, Transformers that are literally the size of a full city. In those cases, he’s legitimately one of the most powerful Autobots ever to walk the Earth…or any planet, really.

In the long-running IDW comics however, Fortress Maximus is a point-one percenter, an exclusive club of Cybertronians with special sparks that are one in a thousand.

There, he would go on to fight through countless battles for the Autobots before finally becoming the warden of Garrus-9, the Autobot prison where they kept prisoners of war and anyone who broke the law on either side. This lasted until the Phase Sixer Overlord arrived and overwhelmed the prison, where he would need to be rescued by the Wreckers sometime later. And although Fort Max was indeed defeated by Overlord, he would eventually get his chance for revenge in a one on one fight that resulted in him delaying the ‘Con long enough to knock him back into a cell…which got jettisoned and exploded. So he made up for his only noteworthy loss… plus he’s got guns in his legs. How can you hate on a guy who’s got guns in his legs?.

The Most Powerful Decepticons: COMPUTRON

The super advanced Technobots originally debuted in the G1 cartoon as creations of Dinobot leader Grimlock when he received a mental boost. In addition to their high tech weaponry and intellect, the Technobots can also come together to form a combiner with the greatest mind of all Transformers canon; Computron.

Computron, like his components, boasts a detailed design that screams technological superiority. As his name implies, Computron’s greatest skill is his ability to make complex calculations at astounding processing speeds of the Technnobots. Computron’s advanced decision-making process makes him a more organized fighter than other gestalts but is also a weakness, with the impressively armed genius sometimes paralyzed from his decision making giving his enemies the opportunity to strike.

computron transformers

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