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The Most Powerful Autobots: ARCEE

As one of only a handful of female Transformers, Arcee has made appearances in nearly every version of Transformers created. However, by far the most effective version of her has been in IDW’s G1 series. Though the circumstances behind her introduction to the universe were… far less than ideal, later writers would rehabilitate her character, turning her from an unbalanced, psychopathic killing machine into… an emotionally balanced killing machine.

Arcee has the honor of being one of the oldest Transformers in the Autobot army, existing prior to both Cybertronian Civil Wars as Arcee of the Darklands, a slave that fought in ancient gladiatorial arenas. While there, she easily proved the superior of her brother Galvatron, and over millions of years honed her battle capabilities to levels most Autobots could scarcely dream of. She’s got a habit of constantly creating new bodies for herself, but her skills are unparalled — equally good with both close combat and long-range weaponry, Arcee also lacks the compunction against killing that many of the other Autobots on this list has. She might not be a point-one percenter, or a combiner, but the number of battles she’s survived makes her a threat to anyone who gets in her way. CBR.com


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¿Where Can I Buy Transformers products?

Being honest, there are many places where you can buy articles from the Transformers Universe, starting with Hasbro, owner of the famous franchise, as well as Takara Tomy (for Asian countries), or just any department store you can find in your city. But, after further investigation and web surfing for hours, we couldn’t find an exclusive Transformers store, that offers other products, besides the well known action figures.

That’s when we decided to create CYBERTRONWEB.COM, an Amazon affiliated online store, dedicated to find all Transformers related products and group them all in one place, our website. What do we offer? To save you time when looking for these products, making it easier for you to make your purchase. We hope you enjoy and support our site, that’s specially made for you. (Art by ai-eye)


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