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The Most Powerful Autobots: SENTINEL PRIME

As a member of a long lineage of Primes who existed before Optimus was ever given the mantle, Sentinel Prime plays a part in being one of the reasons why the Decepticons have such hatred for the Prime name to begin with. At least in the IDW Universe Sentinel was about as dirty as they came. As the head of security for Cybertron’s Senate, he engaged in creating a number of sleeper agents who would work in service to him. When he wasn’t creating his own miniature army, Sentinel spent a large part of his time killing people who even slightly opposed the Senate and their laws.

Worse than that, Sentinel’s actions helped foment the ‘bots who would eventually become the Decepticons by framing them in an attempt to gain more power for himself.

By the time war finally broke out, Sentinel had almost taken over the Senate for himself. Fortunately by this point Megatron had risen from the gladiatorial pits, and would eventually kill Sentinel Prime with his bare hands… though by that point things had already progressed to full on war. Powerful as he is, it’s hard to place him terribly high on the list when the guy faced the leader of the Decepticons in one on one combat and got murked. Fuente:

The Most Powerful Decepticons: THUNDERWING

Thunderwing just might be the most powerful Decepticon ever created. He began as a simple scientist concerned about the war between the Autobots and Decepticons, pointing out how their battle was gradually destroying their planet and making it impossible to inhabit. Going ignored, he decided to create a unique new “skin” that would help him to survive — grafting living tissue to his own body so he could become a being that could survive the results of what the war would do to Cybertron.

His mind was driven insane by the grafting, but it resulted in him becoming drastically more powerful. He was invulnerable to conventional weaponry, and the combined efforts of Autobot and Decepticon alike was still barely enough to take him down. Eventually, he was simply swallowed by the entire planet, rendering him inert and the planet finally dead. Fuente:

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¿Where Can I Buy Transformers products?

Being honest, there are many places where you can buy articles from the Transformers Universe, starting with Hasbro, owner of the famous franchise, as well as Takara Tomy (for Asian countries), or just any department store you can find in your city. But, after further investigation and web surfing for hours, we couldn’t find an exclusive Transformers store, that offers other products, besides the well known action figures.

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